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Shape Gedling's building, streets and public spaces of the future

Gedling Borough Council is asking residents and local organisations to highlight what they like, dislike and would change about the visual design of the Borough’s buildings and public spaces.

Your local knowledge will help us prepare a ‘Design Code’ for Gedling Borough which will help to improve the design of new development.

To get started, visit our interactive map to start adding your suggestions and ‘liking’ those made by others. Or see below to find out more about the project.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed their local insight so far. The original period for comments is now closed. The comments received so far will now be analysed by the Council and feed into the evidence base for the forthcoming Design Code.

However, the interactive map will remain open so that people can continue to make comments which may also be considered as the process moves forwards

What is this project about?

Gedling Borough Council has been selected by the UK Government’s Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to participate in the Design Code Pathfinder programme, and awarded funding to create a Design Code and empower communities to get involved from the very start of the process. We are calling this the Place Gedling project.

The new Design Code will set rules and design principles that developers and housebuilders will need to follow when designing new buildings and public spaces in the Borough. The aim of the Place Gedling project is to improve the quality of new places for those living and working in the Borough.

What stage is the project at?

Before the Design Code is finalised, the Council is asking for people and organisations to contribute their local knowledge, which will directly inform the Design Code.

It is easy to get involved, just ‘drop a pin’ on buildings and street locations on the interactive map to highlight what you like, dislike and would change about the built environment in Gedling Borough.

What happens next?

We will provide more information about the process and give those that have participated an opportunity to get involved in future stages of the Place Gedling project..

You can sign up to get involved in future stages of the Place Gedling project when you drop a pin on the map or by clicking here.

Find out more and get involved