What kind of suggestions are we looking for?

We are looking for suggestions related to the design of buildings, such as materials, height and style of doors, windows and roofs. We are also looking for suggestions relating to how buildings relate to public spaces, such as trees, boundary walls, hedgerows and paving materials. We have included some good examples of suggestions made so far in the speech bubbles below.

We aren't looking for suggestions relating to topics such as potholes, flytipping, graffiti, road maintenance, play equipment or anti-social behaviour. To report these or similar issues, please visit: https://www.gedling.gov.uk/resident/reportit/

Speech bubble with caption: The precinct area here is very ugly - there is a cafe and some benches to sit down, but could the building facades here be improved and the area made greener, perhaps with the addition of some trees?
Speech bubble with caption: Do not allow any further conversions of the bungalows into houses. The bungalows are ideal for couples and very popular
Speech bubble with caption: There are a lot of concrete surfaces, making the village seem rather 70s and urban. I believe the village should model that of older villages with different coloured surfaces and more green, varied streets

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